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Tim Wendelboe - EL SALVADOR Los Pirineos Honey

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VARIETÄT Bourbon Elite

PRODUZENT Diego & Fabiola Baraona

REGION Tecapa-Chinameca, Usulutan


GESCHMACKSNOTEN Milk Chocolate, stone fruits

This is a sweet Bourbon coffee with a rich and smooth mouthfeel with flavour notes of milk chocolate & ripe stone fruit.

This honey processed Bourbon coffee has a lot of the milk chocolaty notes, that you often find in the Bourbon coffees from this farm, with a delicious ripe stone fruit character to it. Similar to the semi-washed lot we recently offered, but with a more pronounced acidity and a fruitier cup. The fruitiness is caused by the mild fermentation that happens during the drying phase where the mucilage left on the parchment will ferment for a short while before the coffee is properly dried. I still find the ferment or “pulpy” flavours to be very mild and subtle in this particular lot. It is no big secret that I personally always look for the cleanest possible coffees when or if I buy honey processed coffees.

Gilberto Baraona named his bourbon trees «Bourbon Elite» as these trees are very old and are considered to be among the original Bourbon trees that were planted in El Salvador many years ago. I am happy to know that his son Diego, loves these Bourbon coffees as much as I do and say he will focus on producing more of it along with his Pacamara, Sudan Rume and a few other cultivars he has identified to produce unique coffees on his farm.

Description and pictures from the roasters at Tim Wendelboe from Oslo, Norway.

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