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taf - COLOMBIA DelAgua-Sierra Nevada

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DelAgua - Colombia

Origin: La Paz, Sierra Nevada, Colombia

Variety: Castillo

Altitude: 1250m

Processing: Honey

Cup profile: Cherry, Apricot, Blackberry, Malic acidity, Long aftertaste

Delagua is a coffee project from Sierra Nevada, Colombia. It combines the La Palma y El tucan know how, picking of ripe cherries from very small producers in the broader area, and processing with zero use of water.

During wartime, Gabriel’s dad was forced to leave La Paz village. Sell his farm and move to a small house in La Palma village. Some years later, after things cooled down with the guerrillas, Gabriel was able to sell the house at La Palma and return home to start again. He bought a 3-hectare farm, El Porvenir, which today gives him and his family the hope of creating a better future.

Don Gabriel is now 60 years old and accomplished 40 years working with coffee. He is married to Doña Maria with whom he has three beautiful kids. The hall family loves working on the farm, helping with the cherry picking and cleaning during harvest. More than a job, for Gabriel growing coffee, has been a personal achievement after being displaced with his family.

Honey Process begins with a quality filter that allows us to remove the floater coffee cherries from the process. From here, the cherries will start the de-pulping stage and will pass through a short fermentation of 24 hours in sealed tanks, before moving to the drying stage. In the drying stage, the coffee will rest in African-style raised beds for over 20 days. Finally, parchment coffee will pass through our dry milling and hand sorting stage.

Suggested for: Filter and Espresso

Die Beschreibung und Bilder dieses Kaffes sind vom Röster taf coffee in Athen, Griechenland. Übersetzt durch BeanBank.

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