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The naughty dog - ETHIOPIA Jenny's Barrel Coffee

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Gourmet coffee Ethiopia Jenny's BARREL COFFEE Roasters The Naughty Dog is characterized by notes of chocolate, forest fruit, caramel and whiskey.

Coffee with the taste of alcohol is a great combination. And that's why we enthusiastically threw ourselves into a joint project with Kofio . We enjoy trying and inventing new things, and barrel coffee was a big unknown to us, but at the same time we were very interested in how to make coffee stored in barrels.

We bought a barrel from a Czech whiskey producer , who served them in the distillery for several years. It was originally bought from faraway Tennessee, where Jack Daniels whiskey matured in this barrel . And it's really incredibly fragrant.

We have tested different coffees and different lengths of "maturing" coffee in a barrel for you. In the end, we chose washed Ethiopia, which we left in the barrel for several days. At the same time, we wanted to achieve a strong whiskey taste so that Ethiopia would not lose its characteristics and that the taste of alcohol would not hide it too much. The coffee has tones of caramel, chocolate and wild berries, followed by floral flavors and a pleasant aftertaste of whiskey. When you let the coffee cool down a bit, the alcohol tones will be more pronounced.

But don't worry, coffee doesn't contain any alcohol.

VARIETY 74110, 74112, Wushwush

ALTITUDE 1830-1890 masl

PROCESS Washed - stored in Whiskey barrels

NOTES Chocolate - Forest fruit - Caramel - Whiskey

Description from the roasters at the naughty dog, Czech Republik. Copyright picture: Kofio.cz

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